Saturday 14 September 2013


1. Do not talk with food or drink in your mouth.
2. Sit up straight.
3. Do not tilt your chair back.
4. If you are chewing gum, dispose of before you sit down to the meal.
5. Pick up your glass when drinking through a straw.

6. Keep elbows close to your body when cutting and eating.
7. Bring food up to your mouth, not your mouth down to your plate.
8. If anything unintended (a burp, hiccup, or food) comes out of your mouth, excuse yourself quietly. Don't make a big deal of it, and no one else will.
9. Chew with your mouth closed.
10. Don't bring your face down to the plate. Instead, sit up straight and bring the utensil up to your mouth.
11. Don't talk with your mouth full.
12. Once you've used a utensil, don't let it touch the table again. Leave it on your plate.
13. Do not push your plate away when you have finished eating.
14. If you need to leave the table, say "Excuse me". It is not necessary to tell where you're going.
15. Follow your host's lead. Don't do anything - such as sit, start to eat, or leave the table - until he/she does it first, or invites you to do so.
16. Don't put your fingers in your mouth or pick food out of your teeth. Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.
17. When it comes to bread plates, cups, etc., many people wonder which one is theirs when dining at a big table with many other people. Always go for the one on the left.
18. Do not overload your plate at a buffet.
19. Never put liquid in your mouth when you have food there unless the food is burning your mouth.
20. Do not crush ice into your mouth.


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